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Indian Wedding Clothing at Strand of Silk

At Strand of Silk we are dedicated to seeking out the latest trends in Indian wedding clothing just for you. Following the India Bridal Fashion Week held this month in New Delhi, we would like to share with you our personal favourites.

From ace designer Siddartha Tytler, this Ombre Dyed Designer wedding saree is the perfect item for your summer Indian wedding.

We are continually looking for the most beautiful collections from the best designers in India. For more information on the India Bridal Fashion Week take a look here.

Picture Of The Day: Ahana Deol in a Runaway Wedding Lehenga

Ahana Deol is busy with her marriage preparations and she visited the designer Amy Billimoria’s boutique to check out her new Runaway Bride line. The upcoming bride has chosen a raw silk peach wedding lehenga with silver gota cut work for the family function in Delhi with her in-laws.

She looks very pretty in this brand new bridal lehenga! Isn’t it? Love celebrity style!

Picture Of The Day: Wonderful Wedding Saree

We felt in love with the style of Bizatth during Osman and Saltanath's wedding ceremony. Thanks to the different shades of blue in her wedding saree, enriched with floral embroideries, she appeared radiant. The look is embellished by a black and blue wedding clutch, with dark purple patterns, and by a very trumpery golden and blue jewellery.
Another sensational celebrity style!

How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Clutch?

There are not rules about wedding style! Every celebrity tries to catch media attention with elegant and sophisticated dresses. However each woman knows that the key to make an outfit successful is an eye-catching accessory. If you are invited to a wedding you have to keep in mind that there are rules in choosing both the dress and the accessories for that day. Shoes and bags usually are coordinated, but in order to choose your wedding clutch you can also have a look at what celebrities have chosen. There are some practical and easy rules to follow. First of all, the size of the bag must be small. The smaller is the wedding clutch the more elegant and precious it seems.  After you have also to consider the shape, usually it is rectangular or oval, in both cases rigid. Embroideries make even more precious the clutch.
Often celebrities choose the basic colour of the bag according to the main colour of the dress and of its embroideries. For instance, the beautiful Shamita Shetty chosen to match an oval grey and silver wedding clutch to the silver embroideries of her pink dress in the occasion of Esha Deol's wedding reception. At the same event , Tabu wore a yellow dress with gold details, handling a gold wedding clutch.

Anyway, the formula of matching gold or silver wedding clutch with the details of the dress is not always respected: Anees looked perfect in her Indian attire at Osman and Saltanath's wedding ceremony, held in Hyderabad, combining a gold details dress with a golden clutch.

Picture Of The Day: Anchal Kumar’s Bridal Lehenga

Last week in Jaipur, catwalk star Anchal Kumar married her boyfriend, Anupam Mittal. The bride looked gorgeous in a beautiful gold and red wedding lehenga designed by Manish Malhotra. Not surprisingly, more and more Indiancelebs collaborate with famous designers for their bridal lehengas.  

Picture Of The Day: Beautiful Red Bridal Lehenga

Take a look at this wonderful couple who got married in the Pink City in May!
The bride has chosen to wear a beautiful red and golden bridal lehenga. During the ceremony, she seems really comfortable and happy wearing it.

Indian fashion is not just about weddings, come and see!

Indian Wedding Sarees on Sale!

Planning an Indian wedding can be an expensive and time-consuming ordeal, but the whirlwind of colours and styles always justifies the effort.

If you are planning to attend an Indian wedding this summer, why not take a look at Strand of Silk's sarees, many of which are on sale now?

We'd like to share with you our favourite picks from the sale which is still on right now!

The Origins Of Wedding Sarees

The wedding saree, is a specific piece of clothing that Indian women wear during their weddings. The most typical alternative to it is the wedding Lehengas, they are the traditional Indian bridal garments

There are different types of saree (or sari): some of them are simple and can be worn for the daily routine, while for special occasions there are precious versions of the garment, characterized by the embroidered details and the precious fabrics and appliques.

According to tradition, when an Indian woman was wearing a saree that meant she was married. But today the garment is democratized, and you can wear it in any occasion.