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The 6 Most Creative Henna Tattoos

Mehndi art or henna tattooing is one of the most popular rituals among Indians. A bride has henna applied on her hands and feet just before the wedding ceremony. It’s a symbol of beauty, aesthetics, and fertility and is considered a blessing as she starts her new life as a married women. The art and history of applying henna in intricate designs is something India is proud of.

 Even westerners are becoming increasingly interested in getting themselves tattooed with henna as it not only looks beautiful but also smells great. And the best part is it is temporary.  Henna or mehndi also has medicinal properties as it’s a natural component derived from mehndi plant. It soothes your stomach and skin and has other ayurvedic properties too. One can have ample design options ranging from flora and fauna to other motifs with delicate patterns that can all be drawn with henna.
So, let’s have a look at some of the most creative henna tattoos.

Floral pattern
Flowers as henna tattoo looks amazing. It not only has aesthetic value but also has a meaning when used as a bridal henna design. Blooming flowers signifies the onset of new beginning or life. One can choose to get a detailed floral pattern, a lotus flower, vines, leaves or a simple petal flower henna design. All designs look delicate and feminine when done with precision and neatness. Basically application of henna can lead to the formation of a myriad designs. It could be anything and everything. But floral patterns are one of the most common as well as creative styles of henna tattoo.

Animal instincts
Henna tattooing is among the most sought-after forms of body art. One can adorn different parts of one’s body with mehndi without any fear of pain or side-effects. Also, its temporary nature gives you an opportunity to experiment with various designs. Other most creative style of henna tattooing is getting animals drawn on with mehndi. In India, brides insist on getting a peacock done with henna on their hands. A peacock is considered lucky and happens to bring good fortune in the post-marriage life of a bride. Also, parrots, butterflies, swans and humming birds are drawn to support the elaborate henna design and symbolize the messenger of love and success. You can get a little edgy and can get a cat tattoo done with henna if you happen to be a cat-lover. When it comes to henna tattooing, options are limitless!

Dreamcatcher design
A dreamcatcher design has its origin in native North America. People in North America are besotted with the prominence of dreamcatcher design and don’t shy away to get a permanent tattoo done with dreamcatcher as the main element. The intricate design and symbols that together create a dreamcatcher can be drawn with henna tattoo. The dreamcatcher is usually used to protect kids from nightmares and catch good dreams. Now more and more people are becoming inclined to get a dreamcatcher made with the help of mehndi. Generally it is a circular pattern with interweaving symbols and designs. It is unique and creative.

Sun, Moon and Stars
Apart from flowers and animals, other creative forms of henna tattooing are becoming prominent. For example, things like sun, moon and stars made with mehndi. Such designs not only look amazing but also have a meaningful relevance.  Getting a star designed with henna represents your shining qualities. On the other hand, the moon henna tattoo signifies lasting love. Not to forget, the sun design shows that you are a lover of everything bright.

Names and phrases
The list also includes another very creative yet common henna tattoo design which is getting one’s name or an important phrase made with mehndi. Some people like to get their names or just initials designed with henna on different parts of their bodies. Others love to get a phrase like ‘carpe diem’, ‘seize the day’ etc designed. These kinds of henna designs show one’s intellect, passion and personality.

Other random designs
Henna tattooing is so versatile that one can choose to get anything and everything made with it. But the majority of people love to get something either they are fond of or has some relevance to their lives or identity. Most popular among these designs are those of dragons, snakes, mermaids, roses, scorpions, hearts, butterflies, owls, feathers and tinkerbell (to name a few).
I’m sure by now you must be tempted enough to get yourself a cool and trendy henna tattoo. So, what are you waiting for?

Image sources: Sara's Henna, Danasokh, Pinterest, Fabulousdesign

Top 6 Bridal Outfits by Famous Indian Designers

When the special day of every Indian women arrives, they have to choose the perfect bridal outfit for their wedding day. Let’s have a look at some different ideas and inspirations from six leading Indian designers to help every future Indian bride to choose their personal style depending on their personality.

Desi Modern by Anita Dongre

For Anita Dongre, the bride in this case ultimately wants to look like a modern Indian woman. Wearing a lehenga with the conventional and traditional colour of red teamed with a trendy crop top style choli, will be a perfect option to represent the modern’s bride contemporary thought process. Here, the trend is more about the independent woman who is free-spirited, with a fashion style philosophy of a nonconformist.

Top 6 Bridal Outfits by Famous Indian Designers | Desi Modern by Anita Dongre

Glam Girl by Arjun Kapoor and Anjallee

In the past, Indian brides were used to not making any personal decisions about their wedding organisation or even the outfit, because it was always the parents that selected everything for the special day. However, nowadays in a contemporary world,  and the new bride feels more classy and confident with her way of thinking. Also, now brides know everything about the latest fashion trends to choose their perfect bridal outfit, because they know exactly what they want according to their design sensibility. For this two designers, the perfect bride will opt for deep colours with a mix of different fabrics, various motifs and floral embroidery.

Global Bride by Monisha Jaising

Here, the bride is more about feeling young and sexy in her ensemble. Her perspective of life is free-spirited, so the outfit will be a mix between two cultures and lifestyles of the west and east countries. The bridal outfit can have 3D embroidery, eccentric design and digital printing techniques and fabrics, but for the moment this kind of outfit is extremely unique and has hasn't  been seen until recently in Indian bridal fashion.

Top 6 Bridal Outfits by Famous Indian Designers | Global Bride by Monisha Jaising

Quirky Bride by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

The bride designed for by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla wants to reflect through the ensemble, her love for couture and her creative personality and spirit. Obviously, this contemporary woman wants to look at her best for her wedding day, but she also wants to feel unique. For this to happen, the bride must opt for vintage techniques in her ensemble, such as crystals, sequins, mirror work and zardozi. She will look classy and elegant in her traditional silhouette full of bright colours.

Royal Choice by Ritu Kumar

We all know that the bride of today has a perfectly clear understanding of fashion and class. She also knows a lot about technique and colours. Knowing that she’s more open-minded, she can choose an avant-garde piece by wearing a three-piece bridal outfit made up of a kurta and dupatta. To stand out in the crowd. It will look great teamed with a gold net and tanchoi silk brocade with turquoise and green stripes of patched silk.

Top 6 Bridal Outfits by Famous Indian Designers | Royal Choice by Ritu Kumar

Girl Power by Neha Modi

Here, the bride by Neha Modi is more about femininity, she looks delicate, shy, fun loving and graceful. This woman can wear an ensemble that enhances the feminine curve of her scooped back and elegant neck. The embroidery has to be perfectly placed, and will add all the drama. It’s better to opt for a lehenga with soothing shades like green, rani pink or turquoise.

Some Of The Most Famous Indian Bridal Wear Designers

Indian Weddings is one of the most amazing types of weddings around the world. The Indian Bride becomes the most important person in these days  therefore the bride should be impeccable. 

There are many Indian designer focuses in Indian bridal field. I would like to let you know about some of the most famous designers and also about their Indian Weddings outfits.

Anita Dongre:

Manish Malhotra:

Shantanu & Nikhil:

Narendra Kumar:

Also you can find more outfits Strand of Silk - Bridal

Band Baajaa Bride : The Makeover Show

Today, at Fashion Metropolis, we are crazy about the Indian show 'Band Baajaa Bride The Makeover Show' !

The show is focused on the day every little Indian girl is dreaming on : her wedding. 
Famous Indian stylists, hairdressers, photographers and make up artists are doing their best to make this day the most perfect one for the bride so she feels the most beautiful and extraordinary girl ever.
Just have a look on Disha Jain's wedding, in which you can watch her trying on amazing silk bridal lenghas with gold embroideries, stunning gold and emerald collar, plus many beautiful pieces !

On The Makeover Show, each Indian Bride has a chance to look like a model of the runway. A chance to select her dream outfit, get the best make up in the industry and work with the best hairstylists, get her skin treated and lose weight with the experts.

Go watch some episodes of the show HERE !

Indian Bridal Makeup - Trends in the best Indian Weddings

Dear All,

You know we are in love with Indian fashion designers, and we have recently focused a lot on Indian bridal clothes and fashion in general.
Today, we want to offer you something different, but always related to our passion for the details of a proper Indian wedding.

Have you ever seen an Indian bride? Did you notice all the details of her makeup?
Everything about the bride must be perfect, and the makeup cannot be an exception.


The skin must look light and fresh, and the focus must be on the eyes.
Color patterns play a central role in Indian weddings, and the makeup needs to be aligned with them.
As you can see from the two pictures above, the main color of the eyeshadow is meant to mirror the color of the dress and jewelry. Lashes must look very intense and eyeliner is a must have!
Also the details are important, as you can see from the beige nuance used for secondary eyeshadow in the picture on the right, which recalls the embroidery in the bridal dress.

Creating such styles is not an easy tasks, and brides always refer to professionals to get their bridal makeup. In facts, this job is practiced all over the world, and every city with an Indian community has some professional in the field to refer to when organizing weddings.

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Kareena Kapoor And Saif Ali Khan's Wedding

Kareena Kapoor is an Indian actress, daughter of Randhir Kapoor and Babita, also actors.
Saif Ali Khan, 42, is illustrated in numerous productions including comedies Bollywood Kal Ho Naa Ho, Hum Tum and Salaam Namaste. He found success with Omkara, an adaptation of the play Othello by Shakespeare in which Kareena plays.

They were married October 16, 2012, in Bandra, hometown of Saif. The marriage took place in accordance with the traditions, where Kareena's dress resembling that of his stepmother when she married, it was not a wedding saree, wedding or a lehgas but salwar kurta one, representing the traditional indian bridal wear, with his green pants and red stole.

This is one of the most iconic Bollywood weddings, after that of Ashwarya Rai and Rabishek Bachchan in April 2007.

How an Indian Wedding Is.

Indian Wedding is very different style of married, where the families of the Bridal and Groom get ready the ceremony with wide amount of time, elaborating a grand act by several days. In most of the occasions the numbers of attendees going to the wedding vary between 100 and thousands, thus the bridal and the groom don´t know to everyone.

The garments wearing by the groom and the bridal are stunning outfit but not only are them wearing an excellent clothes, also the guests and the family attending often dress up a bright garments.     

Some examples of Indian Bridal worn for this occasion are: