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A Designer Lehenga - Past to Present

As well as being a very popular and stylish item of clothing it is a well known fact that the designer lehenga has a very rich history because its origin can be traced back to the medieval period when the country was under Mughal occupation.

The lehenga is actually regarded as a form of skirt very similar to the one worn by people from Scotland, but is clearly vastly different in design! Over the years it has undergone major modifications because of the changing preferences of the users and now comes in many unique forms and designs.

 Cleo Lehenga Set | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dress

The lehenga is generally adjusted at the waist and consists of different types of excellent craftsmanship that has catapulted it to be one of the most prominent ethnic wears in the current fashion market.

A Designer lehenga is one of the most important ethnic garments that has seen its popularity soar in present time, and is now also worn by a number of Bollywood celebrities not only on set but in their everyday lives. At times most of these designs are made keeping in mind the actress who is going to wear it. Hence, each Bollywod lehenga is as unique as each celebrity. Bollywood lehengas come with the most exquisite and exotic embellishments fitted on the finest of fabrics.

Deepika Padukone recently stole the show when featuring in Delhi Couture Fashion Week, wearing this amazing blue embellished Lehenga.

Some of our favourite designer lehenga’s at the moment come from Siddartha Tytler. Constantly experimenting, innovating and bringing in new styles, Siddhatha’s designs are always moving quickly with the trends.

His lehenga designs are beautifully unique and interesting and come in a variety of bright colours and bold prints. His designer lehenga’s are very modern and contemporary which definitely makes them stand out from the crowd.

Cream Eight Kali Lehenga | Indian Designers | Indian Designer DressOpulent Navy and Tourquoise Lehenga | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dress
If you want to shop the latest styles from Siddartha Tytler's collection of Designer Lehengas have a look at indian bridal wear!

Searching for the Perfect Accessories for Your Indian Wedding Dresses Online

So you chose the perfect Indian wedding dress and need to accessories it properly? While an Indian bridal dress might glamorous enough to wear on its own, you do need the proper accessories to set it off. If you are looking for wedding accessories but are having no success, it’s time to head to the Internet. Shopping for your Indian wedding dress online might be a difficult decision, but buying accessories should not be!

Saree Pins

Not everyone picks a saree for their Indian wedding dress but if you choose to go with one then look for saree pins. Saree pins are delicate pieces of jewelry that add a nice elegant touch to the whole saree. Much like brooches, saree pins are found in a large variety of designs. While some saree pins are more traditional in design, some are also rather modern. Take a look at the large collection available online and see which one goes best with your saree.

Anklets and Toe Rings

While the feet of the bride are usually adorned with henna, an anklet can really make sure that you are perfectly accessorized from your head to your toes. Online stores often feature anklets and toe rings that will match your wedding dress perfectly. The large array of designs ensures that you can easily find any kind of anklet or toe ring that you might be looking for.

Bridal Head Gear

‘Bindis’ and ‘mang tikkas’ are the norm for an Indian bridal dress and if you are opting for one, make sure that it complements the overall outfit. Another thing to keep in mind is that it should not be too big for your forehead size. You don’t want it to look like a large pinpoint on your head. Bindis and ‘mang tikkas’ are also easily found online in a number of designs and at various prices. Whether you are looking for something ornamental and intricate or simple and delicate, searching online is the best bet.


Indian wedding dresses are incomplete without a little bejeweled purse with them. These can also be easily found online but they are usually offered from designers. A perfect Indian wedding purse should match the color of the dress, be small enough to carry in your hand yet large enough to carry some tissue wipes, some emergency makeup for touch ups and your phone. Many purses mention dimensions online too so make sure you pay attention to those figures and pick one that is petite yet roomy.

Purses to use with your wedding dress from strandofsilk

Purses to use with your wedding dress from strandofsilk

Purses to use with your wedding dress

Clutch to use with your wedding dress


Often the most overlooked item on the list of accessories, do not opt for a pair of stilettos from your own collection. Shop online and pick one which goes with your dress and is comfortable to boot. If you want to wear heels, go for one which is not higher than 2 inches. Since Indian weddings are long affairs and you might be on your feet a lot, wearing stilettos will be a pain in your feet.

You can easily find all these accessories and more for your Indian wedding dresses, online. Just make sure that you order them in accordance to your wedding schedule and allow a few days for delivery purposes.

Style File – Fashion options for the Indian Groom

When one talked of wedding clothes in the past, most of the focus used to be on the bride and her outfits. However, with changing times and with more options being available for the men, the grooms also have started experimenting with their wedding outfits rather than settling for the plain old wedding sherwani or suit. Today, we take you through the fashion options that the Indian grooms have when it comes to dressing up for their wedding and all the events associated with it.

An occasion like a wedding calls for traditional outfits that will make you stand apart from the crowd. Steer clear of your shirts and trousers for the pre-wedding events and parties. For small gatherings, go in for simple wedding kurtas. Pick wedding kurtas in cotton, raw silk or silk with detailing along the collar, cuff and the lapel. Beige, maroon, blue and mustard are great colour options for the kurta. Pair the wedding kurta with matching or contrasting pyjamas that are comfortable and well-fitted. Throw in a dupatta in a contrasting colour to up the ethnic quotient of the outfit. Take a look at some of the amazing wedding kurtas we have for the man looking for elegant traditional wear for the wedding or festive season.

For the wedding ceremony, you can choose a classy dhoti-kurta set. The Indian garment - dhoti is back in style and is a preferred choice for the traditional ceremonies. Wear a silk dhoti with a zari border and team it with an embroidered or brocade kurta or a bandhgala. If you are not too comfortable with the idea of draping a dhoti around your waist, you can go in for pre-stitched dhotis that come with an elastic band around the waist.

For the reception, the ideal outfit would be an opulent wedding sherwani in a rich colour. Linen, brocade, velvet, silk and cotton-silk are some of the options when it comes to fabrics for the wedding sherwani. Pick a wedding sherwani in a colour that complements your skin tone and in a fit that looks great on your body.

This is one occasion when you should settle for nothing less than extravagant, so go and pick an outfit with a lot of detailing. You can go in for short sherwanis with dhoti style pants or longer ones with well fitted pyjamas. Wear it with a dupatta with details like embroidery or zardosi for a regal look on your wedding day. If you are looking for options online, look no further since we have a wonderful array of designer wedding sherwanis that are perfect for the wedding reception.

Once you have picked your wedding kurta or sherwani, it is time to choose accessories. Pay attention to little details like accessorizing your outfit with a pocket square in a contrasting colour and wearing a jewelled watch. If you feel like it, throw in a string of pearls on your kurta and add a jewelled pin on your headgear. That way, you can be rest assured that you will appear every bit as royal as the bride standing beside you on the day of your wedding.

Some of the other styles of Wedding Sherwanis and Wedding Kurta's that I liked,

Do you want to see Indian bridal wear?

From the Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2014

BMW is the sponsor of the Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2014 that took place in Delhi and is also going to take place in Mumbai.

A lot of designers had their collection on the catwalk. They showed the latest styles of bridal clothes and also had a lot of bollywood celebrities on the catwalk wearing their clothes.

My favourite designers from the shows were Tarun Tahiliani and JJ Valaya. Jyotsna Tiwari's bridal collection was also very good.

I liked the colours used in the collections - a lot of non traditional colours like Black and Blue, that is not normal for bridal clothes in India. The clothes were obviously very gorgeous and pretty but at the same time, they looked very expensive.

There seem to be a lot of bridal shows in India, there was the India couture week and the India Jewellery Week that also finished recently. It is clear that Indians love the bridal clothes and are spending a lot of money on the clothes!

Here are some pictures of the indian bridal clothes that were shown at the India Bridal Fashion Week 2014

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Indian Wedding Sarees: The Must-Have Saree Styles in the Indian Bride’s Trousseau

To say that Indian weddings are colourful would be the biggest understatement of the century. Defined by a riotous mix of varied hues, events and ceremonies held over several days, a huge guest list of extended family and friends, weddings in India can be a little overwhelming for someone who hasn’t experienced it before. But it is at these weddings, that you can also witness some of the most beautiful aspects of the country that is India; you get to the see the culture, the rich diversity, the many traditions, and of course, the artistry evident in the clothes and jewellery of the families and friends, especially the Indian wedding sarees that steal the show.

For a bride, this is the time to indulge in Indian wedding sarees, each special in their own way. While lehengas are picked by many brides for their nuptials, no trousseau is complete without the six-yard-wonder in it. And if it is your wedding, why wouldn’t you want different styles of the saree as a part of your wedding wardrobe? We understand that a bridal trousseau needs to have a bit of everything, and, therefore, we tell you which Indian wedding sarees you definitely should pack into your suitcase.

Traditional Threads

Every region in India is renowned for a specific handicraft, so you have the Kanjeevaram silk from Tamil Nadu, the Lehariya from Rajasthan, the Banarasi silk from Uttar Pradesh, the Mekhla Chador from Assam; the list could go on. As a bride, you should definitely have a saree from your native state in your wardrobe. You could also go a little cosmopolitan and opt for woven wonders from around the country. It is an indulgence in Indian wedding sarees you will never regret.

Sheer Sensuality

Whether or not you are a fan of Bollywood, you have definitely at some point of time, admired the glamour of a sheer saree embellished with sequins or ornamented with a velvet border. You can wear these Indian wedding sarees to a cocktails event, your engagement, or your reception; they have a seductive elegance that is difficult to match. Take your inspiration from screen divas like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra who have been known to wear sheer sarees with √©lan. Opt for a net saree with contrasting border or a lace saree in a pastel colour. There are very few Indian wedding sarees that are as beautiful as these.

Printed Parade

It’s been a few seasons since the quirky printed saree first made its appearance but the fad refuses to die down and we say, with good reason. Now you may find it a bit too much to have too funky a print in your wedding wardrobe, but if you focus on fun colours and less zany prints, it can make for an interesting addition. Think Manish Arora, Masaba Gupta, Yogesh Chaudhary; all designers who have perfected the art of over-the-top yet elegant Indian wedding sarees. Just remember the key to perfecting this look are the right accessories.

Futuristic Flourishes

Now if you are a bride who loves fusion more than Indian, and finds wearing a saree a tad too traditional, you can opt for more contemporary styles of Indian wedding sarees that are draped in modern ways. Think the neon accents of Manish Malhotra sarees or the Rani Sultanate collection unveiled by Shantanu and Nikhil in Delhi this year. You can also wear the Indian wedding sarees you already have in your wardrobe with an obi belt or with a vest-influenced blouse for modernistic touches.

A beautiful six-yard wonder can help you flaunt your femininity in a way that is unattainable in most other outfits. Let your bridal resplendence shine its brightest with these Indian wedding sarees which are must-haves. After all, your wedding day is going to come only once in your lifetime, and it’s your day to steal the show.
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