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Get to Know the Best Online Shopping Portals for Indian Clothes

How about buying Indian clothes with just a click of mouse? Yes! Online shopping has become very popular in this day and age. With Internet services growing at an unimaginable pace in India, online shopping provides the convenience of getting your desired stuff at your doorstep.

Online shopping gives you benefits like huge variety and great discounts and that too at comfort of your home. From your grocery requirements to clothing, online shopping gives you super easy, convenient, fast and exciting shopping experience.

You don’t need to survey the markets and face traffic issues, all you need is your laptop and Internet and of course your comfy couch to order the things you want. But the question here arises, which portals are safe and reliable to buy your things from. Worry not; we have jotted the names of few dependable portals for online shopping for Indian clothes. Let’s have a look.

Amazon is the world leader in online shopping. This dependable portal provides anything and everything from your daily needs to big gadgets, name it you get it. Also, the site gives you an opportunity to buy good Indian clothes.

Gorgeous sarees, suits and kurtis are very much available on Amazon recently started its operations in India and in a short span of time has gained the trust of Indian buyers. Good quality, great prices and free shipping (on some items) are some of the highlights of this reliable site.
This e-commerce website is a great example of success. Started in year 2007 with mere Rs 4 lakhs is now a company worth crores. Calling it a hub of products won’t be an exaggeration. Not just books and electronics, Flipkart is a one-stop-shop for buying Indian clothes.

A huge number of vendors sell good quality branded Indian clothes on Flipkart. It provides variety and availability of sizes of ready-to-wear clothes. Also, this online shopping portal offers great deals and coupons for an interesting shopping experience. Pocket-friendly prices and exclusive product launches are its other highlights.
Next on our list of reliable online shopping portals for Indian clothing is Snapdeal. Snapdeal has become a household name due its mass acceptability. This trustworthy and one of its kind website offers great products including Indian clothing for both men and women.

Not just this, Snapdeal has also ventured into premium designer-wear segment named ‘The Designer Studio’ and has launched the collections of ace designers like Manish Malhotra, Ashish N Soni, Malini Ramani and many more. Along with it, people love to buy lifestyle deals on restaurants, spas, salons and even on travel. Snapdeal not only offers competitive prices but also free shipping option. is the Indian version of catering to the needs of Indian consumers. This online shopping portal is one of the most trusted website to buy both used as well new stuff. Ebay has helped many small businesses and vendors to kick-start their venture by providing them the trading platform.

Not just this, Ebay also provides international shipping. All in all, this online shopping portal for Indian clothes is a complete package as it provides safety, security, variety and convenience. is exclusively an Indian fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal. All your fashion needs from clothing to footwear to accessories are met here.

Not just this, Jabong offers deals and discounts on home d├ęcor, beauty products and other lifestyle products. The company’s headquarter is situated in Gurgaon. Jabong offers all lifestyle related products under one roof.
Headquartered in Bangalore, Myntra is another leading Indian e-commerce portal that offers amazing Indian clothing and other lifestyle items at discounted prices. Myntra offers both formal and casual Indian wear catering to the fashion needs of Indian consumers.

Myntra started its operations in the year 2007, with the purpose to offer a vast variety and personalised gift items to the buyers. Later, it shifted its effort to online retailing of branded apparel. Now Myntra has merged with Flipkart to compete with the online giant came into existence in the year 2011 and happened to be the 35th entrant in the Indian e-commerce business at that point of time. It is the subsidiary of Clues Network Inc which is a US Corporation.

Shopclues deals in lifestyle products and clothing. What made this portal popular was its ‘Jaw Dropping Deal’ launched in 2012 which offered unbelievable heavy discounts on the listed items. It was rewarded as the best deal of 2012.
Based in London and Mumbai, Strand of Silk is a leading online retailer of fashion garments. This fashion forward company gives an ample opportunity to shop Indian designer wear by both established as well as upcoming designers.

It deals in premium quality clothing and caters to the high-end fashion needs of both Indian and International buyers. All the products are hand-picked by their talented team of fashion connoisseurs. Also they offer an incredible service of customising your desired garment to suit your needs and occasion. Look no further than Strand of Silk to meet your need of a traditional yet contemporary designer outfit.

Above mentioned are few reliable and trustworthy e-commerce portals that provides opportunity to shop for Indian clothing online without the hassle and worry of being getting cheated. So, get set to shop your heart out. Happy and hearty shopping folks!

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Virtual Bling: Indian Jewellery Online

In 2007 the launch of Flipkart, which was a huge success, showed that Indians are open to buying things online. The Bansals of Flipkart had paved the path for the booming Indian e-commerce market.  Among the needs of the Indian consumer, jewellery has an around $55 billion worth market. However, do Indians buy jewellery online? Here’s a look at Indian jewellery online.

Diamond and emarald necklace set

Diamond and Pearls necklace set
The Indian jewellery online market has both pros and cons to it. Looking at the cons, compared to the mammoth Indian jewellery market, which is one of the largest in the world, the online sales account for a very small percentage. This can be attributed to different factors, few of which are: 
  • See, touch and feel: Jewellery is an item with very high average selling price. So consumers are vary about buying jewellery without getting a good look at the diamonds, the quality of craftsmanship and assurance about gold used. 
  • Tradition: Most families have their trusted jeweller over generations, so for occasions like weddings, etc ., they would like to have a personal interaction with their trusted jeweller and get a unique custom experience.
  • Customer Service: India lacks high standards of customer service (especially it stands true for some small businesses) and also due to the lack of high security standards online, customers are sometimes not willing to pay huge amounts online. However things are changing as far as security and customer service is concerned so in future maybe the trust factor online would be better. 
The Indian jewellery online market enjoys pros as well:
  • Upward trend: Due to the burgeoning e-commerce in India people are becoming open to buying big ticket items online, especially if it comes from a trusted source. So when you hear Ratan Tata has invested in Bangalore based Blue stone and US hedge fund Tiger Global has put its money into Caratlane, it gives you an assurance about these online portals.
  • Delivery system: With the success of deliveries from Flipkart and Amazon, people have started trusting sources which have a good delivery system set up. Many jewellers are also tying up with these online giants to ensure delivery success.
  • Lower investment:  Online portals reduce the need of having a plush high end store in a good locale with optimum display. They can transfer these savings to have a higher number of varied collections of jewellery. Due to the low set –up cost we have seen an upward trend in lot of jewellery start-ups online.
  • Technology: Using advanced computer technology today we have better display of jewellery online, showing the minutest detail, so the customers can order exactly what they want. 
  • Better customer service: Caratlane was the first to come up with a try at home option for jewellery. The Indian jewellery online set-ups do not have to deal with high volume sales instead they enjoy higher returns on each item sold. So they can focus more into making each sale an amazing service experience, which will lead to consumers willing to spend more online.

The fashion imitation Indian jewellery online market has huge potential and people are very open to buying such jewellery online as they see minimal risk in terms of cost.

Experts have estimated the Indian jewellery online market to grow at a rate of 30%. The big Indian jewellery online players like Caratlane, Bluestone and Gitanjali are being very specific in their target audience. They are focusing on the working girl, who is open to buy jewellery online and prefers light accessories, she can carry to work. So most of the sales happen in the ‘affordable jewellery’ segment. The high value purchases for weddings still happen offline but with the younger generation being more savvy and open to the virtual bling, I do not think that day is far when buying an expensive Indian jewellery online is as simple as buying a T-shirt online.

Image Source: Strand of Silk