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Abraham & Thakore: A Success Story

Abraham & Thakore is now one of India's most successful and valued brand for fashion, accessories and even home textile products. This unique design label was initially established by David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore, both graduates of the National Institute of Design.

Each Abraham & Thakore collection explores an innovative modern design voice whilst also focusing on the rich cultural and traditional vocabulary of Indian design and craft. The design sensibility is low key yet highly distinctive, with a strong respect for material, form and craft. A&T reiterates the belief that real luxury lies in specially crafted product in limited numbers of high quality.

Abraham & Thakore have never simply followed current trends, but approached then in innovative and quirky way, making their own trends along the way. The stylish designer duo have always made up their own fashion rules, sticking to their own personal idea of stylish contemporary Indian fashion with a touch of culture.

Abraham & Thakore Catwalk

For one of their campaigns the quirky designer duo joined forces with well known Banarasi silk leader Ekaya, for a beautiful collection fashioned from hand-crafted brocade in striking tones of bright pink, saffron, bronze and vermillion. The collection was extremely sophisticated in its approach; the garments were created to challenge the current ample Indian silhouettes into more subtle and stylised western proportions. While the modernist styling of the collections offered an interesting angle, the definite standout garment in the collection was decidedly more traditionalist – a stunning liquid gold sari with matching blouse.

Abraham & Thakore Catwalk

Other collections by Abraham & Thakore, which are presented each season, represent the extremely modern collaboration between fashion and lifestyle, with an undeniable unifying vision for the way the contemporary urban consumer dresses and lives - whether in New Delhi, London or Tokyo. Each season both the fashion and home textile collections are showcased to high-end international buyers in prestigious trade salons in Paris. In India, the collection is presented biannually at the India Fashion Week, New Delhi.

Abraham & Thakore Catwalk

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Manish Malhotra - A Success Story

Indian designer Manish Malhotra is one of India’s most well-known and loved fashion designers. But not only does he create stunning garments for Bollywood’s most important and loved names but has also designed for a number of world famous Hollywood stars, such as actress Reese Witherspoon and even supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Manish is well known world wide for the creation of extravagant and luxury garments with a distinctive traditional Indian style with the use of colour storytelling and glamorous and intricate craftsmanship.

Manish was born in Mumbai, and his swift journey to the top of the fashion industry has ultimately been one of a kind. From his characteristic love for movies, glamour and unique colour to forming an extremely niche category for himself as a top Bollywood stylist/Costume Designer. He is now one of the most well know and influential designer’s in the country, he has without a doubt created an unique pathway to success.

As a self-taught designer, Indian designer Manish’s career first started with a small Mumbai-based boutique. From that moment he chased his dream to be a Costume designer for the top movies. He initiated ‘styling’ in Bollywood as a whole as we now know it today, a visionary that involved not only the creation of the clothing but the development of the character and the aspect of working on each fragment of the look.

Manish Malhotra's imaginative outfits and garments always attract applause from the audience at Lakme Fashion Week, but his most recent cocktail dress collection for the current year's Winter/Festive Season fashion week hosted in Mumbai was all the more incredible and jaw-dropping. We saw a variety of shimmery, beautiful and breath-taking ensembles of couture Indian attire from the Indian designer including unique lehengas, sarees, and fusion outfits.

Manish Malhortra: A Success Story | Lakme Fashion Week Catwalk

Staying very true to his glossy theme, Manish designed his whole collection around shimmering fabrics and dreamy rich colours.

Manish Malhortra: A Success Story | Lakme Fashion Week Catwalk

As the saree develops as more and more globalised as a fashion statement, Indian designer Malhotra used its elegance, detail and charm to design beautifully flowing skirts – doubling up the traditional Indian garment into a stunning ball gown that glides across the room.

Manish Malhortra: A Success Story | Lakme Fashion Week Catwalk

The fashion week festivities wouldn't be completed without some breath-taking and unique lehengas, created from shimmering silver fabrica and embroidered with gorgeous pearl coloured beads! Manish Malhotra's designs are known to feature heavy materials and borders in line with a graceful and royal image.

The Future of Fashion in India

The best thing about fashion in India is that it doesn’t remain constantm with new ideas constantly springing up. West meets ethnic is the fashion statement which has taken the country by a storm. Peasant crop tops, solid anarkalis, printed trousers and culottes are just some of the few wardrobe must haves. The glorious fusion of chic modern style with quintessentially Indian fashion has created an explosion of unique designs and a riot of never seen before colours. This is the future of Fashion in India.

Fashion blogger duo Shereen and Kayaan are fun, challenging, confident and bold. They push their boundaries and wear quirky outfits that leave us desiring some for ourselves.  

Their Rakshabandhan blog post was aptly titled Raksha Fusion. Kayaan, as seen in the top image, has captured the absolute essence of India with her Debashree Samanta dhoti pants, and flashy gold jewellery while the crop top balances the whole look lending it a western touch.

Shereen, as seen in the top image, wears a Karishma Jamwal drape dress and tops it with a Kiran Uttam Ghosh pleated cape. The loud and vibrant orange and red colours add that perfect smack of ethnicity.

They also modelled for the next gen Indianfashion designer Tanya Sharma’s eccentric label named ‘GaGa’. Shereen, in the far top image, wears a quilted Bandhini sweatshirt, a croptop and bright lehenga skirt. Kayaan on the other hand goes sporty ethnic (yes, that’s a thing now) with a quilted jersey and tie dye anarkali. These outfits take this wonderful fusion to a whole new level.

While the designer, Debashri Samanta, was inspired by the plight of the Vietnamese fisherwomen when creating these outfits, we can’t ignore the subtle Indian ness in them which is so chic and strangely elegant that we can’t take our eyes off them.

Our absolute favourite is Masaba Gupta, the originator of the avant-garde. With her zany, quirky and eccentric prints, she has won over the hearts of millions. Such was the demand for her clothes that she started a new line of unusual and unconventional outfits in affordable prices!

Khyati Pande is an upcoming designer whose creations are spreading like wildfire. She combines various elements to create one outfit and the best part is that it doesn’t look garish or over the top.

She loves her colours and knows how to play with them. Layering with flair is her forte and she loves bright waistcoats, minimal kurtas and bold trousers.

‘It’s a new era in fashion- there are no rules’ –Alexander McQueen

Never be scared to experiment with your style and fuse eastern and western elements!

On-trend Indian Skirts for the Upcoming Season: Our Top Picks

The cold is closing in and we have officially entered winter, but that hasn’t stopped the influx of the Indian skirts trend which has dominated the fashion scene this Autumn/winter. Although skirts are associated with summer, we are seeing a variety of Autumn and Winter inspired designs and styles recently which are perfect for layering up and still looking trendy. 

One designer that always catches are attention when it comes to for Indian skirts is Anita Dongre, each style within her collections consists of a fusion of the old and the new, with a versatile colour palette comprising of a contrast of soft neutrals like nude and cream, to vibrant tones such as ruby reds, fuchsia pinks and peacock blues.

Anita dongre’s Jaipur bride collection consists of stunningly embellished Lehengas in rich Autumnal colours which are a definite favourite of ours this season, all of which are extremely unique yet characteristically Indian.

In relation to this, Anita has stated that a Jaipur Bride is said to be beautiful, complex, full of colour and very powerful. The collection is packed with unique beauty to each skirt designs and is what every bride-to-be could dream of. This particular exclusive collection is tailor made for the new-age Indian bride who want expand from the ordinary.


Another designer who has stood out to us is Siddartha Tytler, who creates the most unique skirt designs of all. According to the Indian designer “Novel silhouettes, innovative structural elements, new fangled patterns, ‘wear-ability’ and originality are the essential elements in every creation at the Siddartha Tytler studio". 

When creating one of his pieces an important factor come into play: changing trends or the inspiration by elements that exist as part of our everyday lives.

Siddhartha's extraordinary attention to detail is witnessed in the sharply defined silhouettes of his Indian skirts, we personally love the intricate detail showcased in each one of his garments, which is usually combined with dark colour tones and gold detailing. 

Making women look good is what Siddharta Tytler does best, form fitting or free-flowing, the silhouettes of these skirt designs emphasis the natural curves of the women’s body with a focus on surface ornamentation and unique embellishment. Never one to ignore bling, his forte is the use of crystal embellishment combined with gorgeously detailed thread work, a match made in heaven!

Insight on Indian Designer Satya Paul

The Satya Paul Design Studio started in 1985 at a time when the Indian Fashion Industry was just at a promising stage. Over time it has established itself with the originality of its printed and embellished fabrics and beautiful garments. Satya Paul has quickly developed into one of the few professionally run designer brands that now competes with other high-end international fashion brands and competitors!

Satya Paul is a top design label that specialises in stunning signature prints, feminine designs and a timeless contemporary style that has caused the label to establish itself as a global brand, unhindered by national boundaries. In relation to this, Satya Paul has achieved a unique look that is instantly recognisable and extremely different from competitor Indian designers. Every Staya Paul collection focuses on a fashion forward theme, keeping the brand ahead and intune of each season's trends and looks. (See my post on Lisa Ray in a  Satya Paul Saree)

Having re-invented the traditional sari as a modern and stylish classic, Satya Paul sarees are known for their beautiful prints, innovative draping and bold colour palette. The brand has revolutionised the way fashion is perceived and viewed in India, with prints that are both wearable and at the same time beautifully creative. The creations have been inspired by classical forms of art like calligraphy, sculpture and many genres of art.

Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress by Satya Paul
The Bridal collection by Satya Paul reflects the beauty and uniqueness every bride dreams of on their special day. A contrast of rich fabrics, fine embroidery and stunning embellishments come together to create the perfect trousseau.

Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress by Satya PaulIndian Designers | Indian Designer dress by Satya Paul

Further more, the Satya Paul menswears range includes the new age Satya Paul accessories which include neck ties, belts, wallets, and cufflinks. The collection is sure to satisfy any styling need for the successful man of today.

Here are some of our favourite pieces from Satya Paul's recent collection:

Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress by Satya Paul

Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress by Satya Paul

Se also the new trend for Indian skirts!

Indian Designer Top Picks: Sougat Paul

Indian Designer Sougat Paul’s stint in fashion started with studying at the prestigious N.I.F.T Kolkata. After completion of his degree he gained experience in working as a stylist in Mumbai. From there he swiftly moved on to working with various brands before venturing out to his own label in 2010. His Label then debuted in Lakme Fashion Week and quickly received a lot of accolades worldwide as a New Indian designer, his label has now showcased at Lakme Fashion week four times!

Detailing is a key part of Sougat Pauls designs, he can take inspiration from the most specific things such a basket weave to a paper cutout. His collection has been described as ‘an amalgamation of day to day thought knitted together’. Detailing has been the mainstay for his labels with a special impetus on the quality and finishing of each individual garment.
                                                     Lashish Heavy White and Gold Gown | Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress by Sougat Paul

Sougat’s collection titled ‘Decoding Zellige’ is a personal favourite of ours and is heavily inspired by Moroccan architecture, and unlike other collections inspired by Morocco, this one comes across as more subtle & thankfully not loud. The colours consist of a stunning blend of pastels with black, purple and orchard yellow. The detail-work & embellishments are kept limited to the bodice & hemlines while grand neck pieces completed the look with an elegance.

The collection also consists of more daring and unique styles such as sheer jumpsuits and structured mini dresses. Unsurprisingly Sougat Paul’s cocktail and Gala dresses are created with the same contemporary and unique flare, but teamed with subtle traditional touches, and are loved not only in India but internationally too.

                                                  Trendy Forest Green Jump Suit | Indian Designers | Indian Designer jumpsuit by Sougat Paul
                                                 Celendia Saree | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Saree by Sougat Paul

We personally love Indian designer Sougat’s latest works for the simplicity and contemporary take on traditional style. The new age sarees are particularly interesting and successful; the edgy and laid back approach to the simple saree designs work uniquely well with the bright use of colours.

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Indain Designer Top Picks: Neeru Kumar

In the world of handcrafted textiles, Neeru Kumar is a rare and inspired Indian designer, who has, over the past two decades pioneered something of a revolution in Indian textiles.

She has uniquely used traditional techniques and indigenous materials, and with constant experimentation and research, Neeru has created a contemporary and fashion focused approach to textile design. The combination of her unique sensibility, especially in tone and texture, with her profound knowledge of the weaving process and other textile techniques teamed with her knowledge of the modern fashion landscape, has lead to her creating a completely innovative and modern collection of garments.  

                                                   Olive Green Dhoti Pants | Indian Designers | Indian Designer pants
A 1980 graduate of the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad in India, Neeru Kumar made her first commercial breakthrough in 1989 with her signature ‘First Design’, a black and tussar weave, which was acclaimed internationally. She was then widely covered by the media as a indian designer who had achieved a rare synergy between classic textile craft and contemporary design, her work is often described as 'contemporary classic'.

Indian designer Neeru Kumar also recently launched her new label by none other than the extremely charismatic and graceful Ms.Karisma Kapoor, Bollywood superstar and Neeru's brand ambassador.  This one of its kind collection consisted of tunics and kurtis, combining the beauty of traditional Indian wear whith a western chic flare. Woven from premium quality imported fabric, these outfits are singular in design, supremely comfortable and lay great emphasis on silhouettes.

                          Neeru Kumar launch by Karishma KAppor | Indian Designers

So whether you want to get ready for college or work, a casual weekday outing, a social do or a weekend brunch, all you need to do is slip into one of Neeru Kumars outfits and presto; you're ready to make heads turn!

Here are some of our favourite items by Neeru Kumar at the moment:

           White Linen Palazzo Pants | Indian Designers | Indian Designer pants  Lotus Printed Lehenga Set | Indian Designers | Indian Designer


What makes these fresh and vibrant outfits unique is that though they are limited editions; they are designed keeping in mind both, teenagers and adults. 

Top Picks from Indian Designers - Siddhartha Tyler

Siddhartha Tytler is a young indian designer with attitude, style and urban flair, offering an excitingly, eclectic array of style for the urban fashion victim!

STUNNING BLACK TAFFETA BALL GOWN | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dress
His father wanted him to become an engineer while his mother thought he’d make a good architect. But, by the age of 16, Siddartha Tytler had decided that he wanted to be a fashion designer. He was fascinated by the designer creations that he’d seen in New York during a vacation and wanted to design clothes like Versace and Armani.

According to the Indian designer “Novel silhouettes, innovative structural elements, new fangled patterns, ‘wear-ability’ and originality are the essential elements in every creation at the Siddartha Tytler studio". When creating one of his pieces several factors come into play: changing trends or the inspiration by elements that exist as part of our everyday lives.

                    Wills Fashion Week | Indian Designers | Indian Designer dressWills Fashion Week | Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress
Siddhartha believes in unconventional elegance for a woman who knows herself and exudes confidence. Hence, there is an undeniable femininity in all of his women's wear lines. The menswear line is geared towards the metro-sexual male; stylish and sartorial.

Constantly experimenting, innovating and bringing in new styles, Siddhatha’s designs are always moving quickly with the trends.
A non conformist, Tytler’s ensembles are a cut above from what is available in the market. “ I love creating drama with cuts and colours to maintain the exclusivity of my garments” is his take. Which we love!               VERSATILE BELTED KAFTAN TOP | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dess  BLACK MESH CAPE AND QUILTED SKIRT | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dess

As Siddhartha puts it, "These are clothes you can wear to work, party in, or just wear to feel great about yourself. These are clothes for people who are going places".

Highly stylised and well-researched, Siddhartha's extraordinary attention to detail is witnessed in the sharply defined silhouettes of his line. We personally love the intricate detail showcased in each one of his garments. 
Making women look good is what Siddharta Tytler does best, form fitting or free-flowing, the silhouettes emphasis the natural curves of the body with a focus on surface ornamentation and appliqué. Never one to ignore bling, his forte is crystal combined with gorgeously detailed thread work.

               ELEGANT BEIGE SUIT | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Dess MUSHROOM SICILIAN LACE BACKLESS DRESS | Indian Designers | Indian Designer dress

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Collection of Jewellery by Designer Anita Dongre ''Pinkcity''

Anita Dongre, one of the best known and powerful Indian designer among the Indian fashion fraternity, has been leading a huge successful business for years. Indeed she is at the head of three labels: AND, ANITA DONGRE and GLOBAL DESI.

We could all think that she reached the limit of her ascent and that she has enough to manage but she is full of ambition. After designing clothes for every kind of market she recently added jewellery to her creations by launching a new collection of gold handcrafted jewellery called ‘’Pinkcity’’on 13th of August 2013. 

It is a line of Jaipur-inspired jadau jewellery designed by Anita Dongre and produced by Pradeep Jethani of Jet Gems, a jewellery designer with more than 27 years of experience. She explained that it was natural to associate with Jet Gems first because of the unparalleled expertise of Pradeep Jethani in crafting intricate bespoke jewellery and also because they share the same philosophy about beauty within perfection and precision.

Designer Anita Dongre with Designer Pradeep Jethani 

The name "Pinkcity" and it concept is inspired by the traditional legend of a princess in search of love who will find her prince only when a Pink Flamingo arrives. So the collection transcribed romanticism and dream, representing love and engagement and is also reminiscent of the charm and grandeur of the royal Moghul era.

 Painting of the Mughal era 

Each piece is handcrafted by high skilled craftsmen of Rajasthan using traditional techniques of their state including Jadau and Meenakari, one of a kind of works on the surface of metals and all with designer Anita Dongre’s aesthetic. Tradition and modernity - we can recognise the specific signature of this unique designer.

She explains, "the idea first struck when I started my menswear line two years ago, because I wanted to make my own buttons. "We started with jaali buttons, then pieces with interchangeable colours where customers could switch from about seven shades from pink and turquoise to cobalt blue’’.

The women collection is ‘’Nayantara’’ and includes Necklaces, Jhumkas, Cuffs, Bangles and Polki. The men one is ‘’Anshumat’’ and includes buttons and cufflinks. Both ranges are set in 18k and/or 22k gold, what can dazzle a connoisseur’s eyes.

Let's have a look : 

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Indian Designers: My Top Picks for Autumn/Winter 2014

Indian designers are currently thriving and we are seeing a wide variety of styles and designers being brought into the limelight and displayed both on the catwalk and online.We have chosen a few of our current favourite Indian designers at the moment that we feel are perfect for this A/W!

Our first pick is Meera Mahadevia, she is perhaps the best kept secret in the international luxury handbag market. The brand began 27 years ago as a customised design accessory for celebrities and socialites across the world. Till now her designs have been only accessible to those who were lucky enough to grace the red carpet, but today her creations are showcased across India in a number of high-end fashion boutiques and online stores. 
Anushka Clutch  | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag

Anushka clutch

A Meera Mahadevia luxury handbag comes in an eccentric and extremely varied range of stunning styles and designs, and are often made up of a distinctive blend of brass and copper embellished with wood carvings, marble inlays, silver engravings, semi-precious stones, antique frames, and spiritual emblems. Each handbag is said to be detailed to a fine precision, and all by using the most basic and artistic manufacturing tool of all time: the human hand! 
                                                 Pochette clutch | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag

                                                                  Pochette clutch
                                                Stylish blue and Golden clutch | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag
                                              Stylish blue and golden clutch
                                                    Maharani gayatri devi clutch | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag
                                                Maharani gayatri devi clutch

Our Second pick of one of our current favourite Indian designers is Myoho. Myoho designs have been recently described as a ‘seamless confluence of ethnicity, femininity and subtlety’, which we think describes the designs perfectly!                                   
                                          Myoho | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag
                                                Red floral pattered dress | Indian Designers | Indian Designer Bag
                                                              Red floral pattered dress

Myoho designs are easy, relaxed and organic and have a beautiful range of elegant and wearable looks for any occasion. Although the designs have a clear traditional influence, they also have a modern and contemporary twist which creates a very high fashion and up to date appearance.

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