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Will Freida Pinto ever Act in Bollywood?

Freida Pinto is a famous international actress who comes originally from India. She was born and grew up in Mumbai. Everybody knows her for her appearance in “Slumdog Millionaire” (2008), a movie directed by Danny Boyle.

Now Freida is an affirmed actress, who is waiting to present her new film “Knight of Cups” in 2015, in which she has acted with Hollywood actors Christian Bale and Natalie Portman. In the meantime she finally expressed her intention to work in India.

She is 30 years old, but has never worked in her own country. Indeed from when she was young she has always wanted to become a global actress so at some point of time she just packed her bags and took a plane to Hollywood. According to what she said, the most difficult thing is to convince Hollywood that Indian actors can play different roles, not just the ones related to their country. 

Freida explained that when she goes to an audience, she is just an actress playing a role, not an Indian actress. Fortunately nowadays filmmakers are not so strict, they are open to hire actors from India in order to play different characters. A behaviour that was not so diffused 10 years ago.

She would like to become a role model for other Indian girls who dream of a different life, but at the same time she doesn’t forget her origins: Indian education permitted her to appreciate real relationships and to do not be scared by other countries’ poorness because she already experienced her own country’s one.

Indeed the only reason why she never made a Bollywood movie is that every time an opportunity came up, she was already committed with another film outside India. Maybe finally it is the right time for the actress to come back to her origins?

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