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The 6 Most Creative Henna Tattoos

Mehndi art or henna tattooing is one of the most popular rituals among Indians. A bride has henna applied on her hands and feet just before the wedding ceremony. It’s a symbol of beauty, aesthetics, and fertility and is considered a blessing as she starts her new life as a married women. The art and history of applying henna in intricate designs is something India is proud of.

 Even westerners are becoming increasingly interested in getting themselves tattooed with henna as it not only looks beautiful but also smells great. And the best part is it is temporary.  Henna or mehndi also has medicinal properties as it’s a natural component derived from mehndi plant. It soothes your stomach and skin and has other ayurvedic properties too. One can have ample design options ranging from flora and fauna to other motifs with delicate patterns that can all be drawn with henna.
So, let’s have a look at some of the most creative henna tattoos.

Floral pattern
Flowers as henna tattoo looks amazing. It not only has aesthetic value but also has a meaning when used as a bridal henna design. Blooming flowers signifies the onset of new beginning or life. One can choose to get a detailed floral pattern, a lotus flower, vines, leaves or a simple petal flower henna design. All designs look delicate and feminine when done with precision and neatness. Basically application of henna can lead to the formation of a myriad designs. It could be anything and everything. But floral patterns are one of the most common as well as creative styles of henna tattoo.

Animal instincts
Henna tattooing is among the most sought-after forms of body art. One can adorn different parts of one’s body with mehndi without any fear of pain or side-effects. Also, its temporary nature gives you an opportunity to experiment with various designs. Other most creative style of henna tattooing is getting animals drawn on with mehndi. In India, brides insist on getting a peacock done with henna on their hands. A peacock is considered lucky and happens to bring good fortune in the post-marriage life of a bride. Also, parrots, butterflies, swans and humming birds are drawn to support the elaborate henna design and symbolize the messenger of love and success. You can get a little edgy and can get a cat tattoo done with henna if you happen to be a cat-lover. When it comes to henna tattooing, options are limitless!

Dreamcatcher design
A dreamcatcher design has its origin in native North America. People in North America are besotted with the prominence of dreamcatcher design and don’t shy away to get a permanent tattoo done with dreamcatcher as the main element. The intricate design and symbols that together create a dreamcatcher can be drawn with henna tattoo. The dreamcatcher is usually used to protect kids from nightmares and catch good dreams. Now more and more people are becoming inclined to get a dreamcatcher made with the help of mehndi. Generally it is a circular pattern with interweaving symbols and designs. It is unique and creative.

Sun, Moon and Stars
Apart from flowers and animals, other creative forms of henna tattooing are becoming prominent. For example, things like sun, moon and stars made with mehndi. Such designs not only look amazing but also have a meaningful relevance.  Getting a star designed with henna represents your shining qualities. On the other hand, the moon henna tattoo signifies lasting love. Not to forget, the sun design shows that you are a lover of everything bright.

Names and phrases
The list also includes another very creative yet common henna tattoo design which is getting one’s name or an important phrase made with mehndi. Some people like to get their names or just initials designed with henna on different parts of their bodies. Others love to get a phrase like ‘carpe diem’, ‘seize the day’ etc designed. These kinds of henna designs show one’s intellect, passion and personality.

Other random designs
Henna tattooing is so versatile that one can choose to get anything and everything made with it. But the majority of people love to get something either they are fond of or has some relevance to their lives or identity. Most popular among these designs are those of dragons, snakes, mermaids, roses, scorpions, hearts, butterflies, owls, feathers and tinkerbell (to name a few).
I’m sure by now you must be tempted enough to get yourself a cool and trendy henna tattoo. So, what are you waiting for?

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Our Favourite Funny Memes

After a few days of sunshine and warm weather in London, the rain and clouds have made another unwelcome appearance. So, to cheer myself, as well as all of you guys up, I have decided to create a lighter blog post this week  with all the funniest memes I have found.

Tell me which one you prefer in the comments below!

From Back to the Future Day (21st October 2015) - thankfully multi-coloured hats and inside out pockets are still not standard attire!

I think we can all relate to this! Am I right?!

Well I like to believe this is the case! :-p

I have this reaction far more than I should! (note to self: be less judgmental)

30 and counting...:-p

I can so hear Miranda Priestly saying this



I 100% agree with this one - I love wearing bright clothes. Everyone should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in without fear of judgement.

Can always rely on Carrie for top notch life lessons!

This happens literally every evening I go out!

So true! (for me at least) :-p

I hope this cheered you up! See you soon for my next article. 

Super Stylish Outfits for Spring

Spring season is all about giving your favorite parkas a break and indulging in something cool and fashionable. The Spring / Summer season lets you go out and have some fun in the sun. But the question here is, what clothes will be suitable for this weather?  Spring calls for something comfortable yet stylish. So I’m going to that you through some of the most stylish outfits for the spring season.

Breezy Maxi Dresses

This is the go-to attire one spring dress. A flowy breezy maxi dress is all you need to look extremely stylish. One can choose from a variety of options like sleeveless, strapless, or even tube maxi in light fabrics like chiffon, georgette or cotton with floral prints or other quirky prints on it. If you are opting for a plain or striped maxi dress, compliment it with a scarf, a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers and get the spring spirit on.

Off-shoulder dresses

Bring out the trendy you with off-shoulder dresses. Yes, this spring is all about being fun and flirty. Dress for spring with an off-shoulder dress and pair it with a chunky neckpiece or a printed scarf and you are ready to rock a casual meet-up with friends or a date with your crush.

Small floral prints

Unlike last year, this year small floral prints like daisies are in. Big garden floral prints take a backseat and give way to 90’s inspired little floral prints on dresses and tops.  Be it monochrome or multi-color, small floral print dresses, blouses and frocks are among the most stylish spring outfits of this year. 

Get your hands on shirt-dresses

This spring is all about shirt-dresses. This casual attire is as necessary as a white button-down in any girl’s closet. One can play around with a shirt-dress depending upon the occasion. Wear it with a pair of sneakers and aviators for a day get together or change it into a formal outfit by adding a tan belt or a golden neckpiece with peep-toes. 

Ruffles are back

We witnessed a lot of ruffle dresses in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The trend of ruffles has made a comeback this spring. Ramps and runways across the planet are showcasing lots of voluminous frills, over-the-top ruffles and other structural dresses as the hottest trend of this season. Ruffle dresses in lace and sheer fabrics look romantic and feminine.

Bohemian fringe jacket

Jackets and coats are not restricted to winters only. One can opt for cotton based jackets and coats and pair it up with denims and t-shirt. This spring try your hands on Bohemian style fringe jacket and pair it up with hot-pants and t-shirt. This spring you can look uber chic with fringe jacket and gladiator shoes.

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are the best investment one can make this spring. Add this girly skirt into your wardrobe and you are spring-ready. Pleated skirts in pastel hues, rainbow colored or single bold colours look just fab with collar shirts or round neck tees. Add a pair of sandals and sling bag to complete your stylish spring look. Printed pleated skirts can be transformed into statement attire when paired with plain crop-tops and flats.

Tie-dye dresses

Fashion is recurring in nature and this is why we witness many fashion classics making their way back into today’s time. One such example of classic fashion is tie-dye dresses. The tie-dye trend will remind you of throwback summers which meant free-spirited anti-fit dresses that are reminiscent of the rather care-free attitude of that era. One can choose from an array of options like sleek silhouette tie-dye dresses, anti-fit dresses or wrap-arounds tie-dye skirts with blouses.

Kick flare pants

Last year we were introduced to kick flare pants and this year is no different as the trend is going to be bigger and better only. One can enjoy the ankle-exposing length pants in denim, cargos, sweat pants or printed cotton pants this spring. Match it up with a trendy top and carry your cool.

Add a dash of pink this spring

Subdued shades of pink are going be all the rage this spring. Get your hands on the feminine shades of pink be it pastel, blush or baby pink and let your soul submit to the serenity of spring.  From soft pink bottoms to stunning tees, pink is going to make you look ravishing. A baby pink dress would be a perfect choice if you are going for a day engagement party or a baby shower. And if you are thinking to add a splash of pink in your office wears, get yourself a pale pink mini skirt which looks classy and sophisticated with white blouse.

I’m sure you got all the pointers you were looking for to look stylish this spring. So what are you waiting for? Head out and soak up the spring spirit!

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Gorgeous Dresses by Indian Designers

Indian designers are known for their impeccable designs worldwide. Their forte is not limited to just Indian dresses but has also forayed into making some of the most remarkable gowns. Gowns are popular formal attire of western countries. But Indian designers have come up with a version to suit the needs of Indian women. Not just in India, even Hollywood actresses and other dignitaries are inclined towards the gowns made by Indian designers. Many Indian fashion designers have come up with gorgeous dresses that are to die-for. Let’s have a look at designer Indian gowns flaunted by our very own Bollywood actresses.

Deepika Padukone in Gaurav Gupta Ensemble

The talented and very beautiful Deepika Padukone is a die-hard fan of gowns. Her athletic frame and petite figure help her flaunt any dress be it a sari, lehenga, suit or gown. But what really wowed me was Deepika’s choice of Gaurav Gupta’s ensemble. This golden sheer gown designed by renowned designer Gaurav was flaunted by the actress at Idea Filmfare Awards 2013. She looked every bit a diva in this dress. The ‘Bajirao Mastani’ actress completed her look with golden pumps, red lipstick and side-swept hair.

Yami Gautam in Sonakshi Raaj Dress

The dimpled beauty Yami Gautam was spotted in a sunshine yellow Sonakshi Raaj gown at 14th Zee Cine Awards. Yami looked very stylish in the off-shoulder structured bright yellow gown. This figure-hugging dress with flared bottom is perfect evening attire. Matched with a pair of emerald earrings and a ring, Yami looked like a million bucks.

Swara Bhaskar in Gauri & Nainika Gown

The gorgeous Swara Bhaskar rocked a hot pink gown by designer duo Gauri &Nainika at 14th Zee Cine Awards. She looked enchanting in a floor-length mermaid-style gown with frill detailing at the shoulder. The colour, structure and concept of this particular gown is both edgy and classy for a formal evening.

Katrina Kaif in Naem Khan

Who doesn’t want to wear a Naem Khan outfit? And if angelic Katrina wears one of the stunning gowns by Naem Khan, it ought to be a deadly combo, which was the case at 19th Annual Colors Screen Awards where Katrina wore a beautiful black shimmer gown by none other than ace designer Naem Khan. She looked oh-so-hot in strapless body-hugging gown and made onlookers drool over the beauty of the actress as well as the unique design of the gown.

Priyanka Chopra in Arpan Vohra

Former Miss World and actress par excellence, Priyanka Chopra is known for her choice of garments.  She amazes her fans and fashion police every time with her occasion-appropriate dressing. Yet again, PC made onlookers go gaga over her golden and black Arpan Vohra gown at the red carpet event of TOIFA 2013 in Vancouver. This halter neck gown with golden and black detailing accentuated her perfect curves and made her look chic. To complete the look, the actress chose a side-swept hairstyle and black clutch and looked fabulous.

Kajol in Ayesha Depala

Our very own dusky beauty, Kajol made a rare appearance in a spectacular beige strapless gown by Ayesha Depala at Vogue Beauty Awards 2012. The veteran actress flaunted the gown with grace and panache. The gown itself was a piece of art with very fine embroidery detailing. The embroidery on the bodice and the skirt enhanced the curvy Kajol’s figure and made her look ravishing.

Huma Qureshi in Nikhal Thampi

Huma Qureshi is one of the Bollywood actresses, known for her acting prowess as well as her fuller figure. When Huma Qureshi chose a cherry red gown by Nikhal Thampi at the red carpet event of 20th Annual Life Ok Screen Awards, she made us adore her even more. She did complete justice to the off-shoulder gown with a knee-high slit. Huma flaunted her envious curves in a modest yet pristine manner. This gown certainly makes its place in our list of favorite Indian designer gowns.

The Most Extravagant Fashion Week Dresses of All Time!

Fashion wear is an amalgamation of the imagination and creativity of a designer. Some dresses win over the masses and others just create a spectacle.

A designer’s work is beyond the understanding of a layman. Usually they create garments which make you go weak in your knees and sometimes they come up with the dresses which can safely be called unusual, outrageous or that just have no wear- ability factor. These type of dresses just serve to put on a good show, cause a stir, but also to inspire people to let there imaginations run wild.

Let’s have a look at some of the most extravagant fashion week dresses of all time.

1. Gaurav Gupta’s Ensemble

Gaurav Gupta’s black gown worn by none other than the very beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan at Lakme Fashion Week is one of the finest examples of extravagant dressing.Without a doubt Kareena can more that pull off the look and she carry's the dress with great panache. Nonetheless, in my opinion it is over-the-top for public wear and is therefore apt for Indian runway fashion only.

2. Manish Arora - The King of Quirk!

Manish Arora is one such designer who creates fashion show outfits which are high on creativity and fantasy and low on wearability. His creations are quirky, imaginative and irreverent in the truest sense of the word. His ensembles are more of a story than a dress. 

He takes inspiration from fairytales, carnivals, the circus, cartoon characters and brings out exaggerated silhouettes with bold colors and patterns. He believes in creating outfits with too much bling and shimmer. He makes extensive use of appliqués, motifs and embroidery to create something extraordinary yet too extravagant to wear.

His outfits are a form of showmanship and create a wonderful spectacle, however they are of course impractical and belong only on stage or on a runway. 

Though many national and International icons have sported his creations time and again. Big names like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Heidi Klum and Lady Gaga are some of the celebrities who have Manish Arora as their go-to designer.

3. New York Fashion Week - Elaborate Face-Mask

New York has emerged as one of the prominent fashion capitals in the world. Many renowned designers showcase their collections at the prestigious fashion week every year. Some outfits are to die for and others make you scratch your head in bewilderment. 

One such outfit was seen at Givenchy 9/11 New York Fashion Week which was organized to pay tribute to the American Dream. A model showcased a white dress with an elaborate white face mask - calling it extravagant isn't an exaggeration.

4. Paris Fashion Week - Manish Arora Strikes Again!

Paris is undoubtedly the fashion hub with most of the haute couture designers who present collections setting the trends for the season. Yet again there are many striking designs which make your head turn in awe. Some designs are of course far away from practicality and feasibility factors. One such design which caught my eye at PFW SS16 was a multicolored printed dress with wide arms. I love it, but would not want to be seen walk down the street in it!

5. London Fashion Week - Cactus Outfit

Yet other outlandish outfits were seen during last year’s London Fashion Week, with some of them being too bizarre to be believed. One such outfit was a cactus themed outfit with big wavy H-shaped black and white ensemble which covered the wearer’s head. In truth I thought this one really missed the mark since it looked funny rather than creative. I guess it would make a good fancy dress outfit!

The above examples are some of my favourite extravagant fashion week dresses. Let me know of any which you think should have made the list!

Image sources: LA Times, Avacubes, Theswellelife

Get to Know the Best Online Shopping Portals for Indian Clothes

How about buying Indian clothes with just a click of mouse? Yes! Online shopping has become very popular in this day and age. With Internet services growing at an unimaginable pace in India, online shopping provides the convenience of getting your desired stuff at your doorstep.

Online shopping gives you benefits like huge variety and great discounts and that too at comfort of your home. From your grocery requirements to clothing, online shopping gives you super easy, convenient, fast and exciting shopping experience.

You don’t need to survey the markets and face traffic issues, all you need is your laptop and Internet and of course your comfy couch to order the things you want. But the question here arises, which portals are safe and reliable to buy your things from. Worry not; we have jotted the names of few dependable portals for online shopping for Indian clothes. Let’s have a look.

Amazon is the world leader in online shopping. This dependable portal provides anything and everything from your daily needs to big gadgets, name it you get it. Also, the site gives you an opportunity to buy good Indian clothes.

Gorgeous sarees, suits and kurtis are very much available on Amazon recently started its operations in India and in a short span of time has gained the trust of Indian buyers. Good quality, great prices and free shipping (on some items) are some of the highlights of this reliable site.
This e-commerce website is a great example of success. Started in year 2007 with mere Rs 4 lakhs is now a company worth crores. Calling it a hub of products won’t be an exaggeration. Not just books and electronics, Flipkart is a one-stop-shop for buying Indian clothes.

A huge number of vendors sell good quality branded Indian clothes on Flipkart. It provides variety and availability of sizes of ready-to-wear clothes. Also, this online shopping portal offers great deals and coupons for an interesting shopping experience. Pocket-friendly prices and exclusive product launches are its other highlights.
Next on our list of reliable online shopping portals for Indian clothing is Snapdeal. Snapdeal has become a household name due its mass acceptability. This trustworthy and one of its kind website offers great products including Indian clothing for both men and women.

Not just this, Snapdeal has also ventured into premium designer-wear segment named ‘The Designer Studio’ and has launched the collections of ace designers like Manish Malhotra, Ashish N Soni, Malini Ramani and many more. Along with it, people love to buy lifestyle deals on restaurants, spas, salons and even on travel. Snapdeal not only offers competitive prices but also free shipping option. is the Indian version of catering to the needs of Indian consumers. This online shopping portal is one of the most trusted website to buy both used as well new stuff. Ebay has helped many small businesses and vendors to kick-start their venture by providing them the trading platform.

Not just this, Ebay also provides international shipping. All in all, this online shopping portal for Indian clothes is a complete package as it provides safety, security, variety and convenience. is exclusively an Indian fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal. All your fashion needs from clothing to footwear to accessories are met here.

Not just this, Jabong offers deals and discounts on home décor, beauty products and other lifestyle products. The company’s headquarter is situated in Gurgaon. Jabong offers all lifestyle related products under one roof.
Headquartered in Bangalore, Myntra is another leading Indian e-commerce portal that offers amazing Indian clothing and other lifestyle items at discounted prices. Myntra offers both formal and casual Indian wear catering to the fashion needs of Indian consumers.

Myntra started its operations in the year 2007, with the purpose to offer a vast variety and personalised gift items to the buyers. Later, it shifted its effort to online retailing of branded apparel. Now Myntra has merged with Flipkart to compete with the online giant came into existence in the year 2011 and happened to be the 35th entrant in the Indian e-commerce business at that point of time. It is the subsidiary of Clues Network Inc which is a US Corporation.

Shopclues deals in lifestyle products and clothing. What made this portal popular was its ‘Jaw Dropping Deal’ launched in 2012 which offered unbelievable heavy discounts on the listed items. It was rewarded as the best deal of 2012.
Based in London and Mumbai, Strand of Silk is a leading online retailer of fashion garments. This fashion forward company gives an ample opportunity to shop Indian designer wear by both established as well as upcoming designers.

It deals in premium quality clothing and caters to the high-end fashion needs of both Indian and International buyers. All the products are hand-picked by their talented team of fashion connoisseurs. Also they offer an incredible service of customising your desired garment to suit your needs and occasion. Look no further than Strand of Silk to meet your need of a traditional yet contemporary designer outfit.

Above mentioned are few reliable and trustworthy e-commerce portals that provides opportunity to shop for Indian clothing online without the hassle and worry of being getting cheated. So, get set to shop your heart out. Happy and hearty shopping folks!

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Manish Malhotra’s Favourite Lehenga Looks

Manish Malhotra is an unconquered king of couture. Known for his bridal collection, wearing Manish’s creation is every bride’s dream. The designer has come up with the most extravagant and heavenly lehengas which are too good to be true. His forte lies in bringing the best of both worlds by blending rich Indian culture with contemporary silhouettes keeping in mind the needs of modern day bride. Here we have a list of Manish Malhotra’s all-time favourite lehengas.
The Ethnic Red Lehenga
For all those brides who want to embrace the traditional red lehenga on their D-day, the ace designer Manish’s this red lehenga is an answer to it. This gorgeous red velvet lehenga with Kashmiri Zari embroidery work is all that you need to look every bit like an Indian bride.

The short choli blouse with embellished full sleeves and scoop neck is the very essence of this pretty lehenga. The skirt has exquisite detailing and is paired with golden net dupatta. Nothing can beat this amazing Manish Malhotra’s bridal lehenga.

Anarkali Inspired Pink Lehenga
Apart from the usual short crop top and skirt silhouette, this anarkali inspired pink lehenga is like a whiff of fresh air.

With hues like pink, golden and orange, this lehenga is perfect for a bride with an edge. The long flared voluminous top made with the sheer fabric provides the utter grace to the entire ensemble. Also, the flared skirt and net dupatta makes it one of the finest Manish Malhotra’s creations.

A Lehenga with a Twist
If you are someone who likes to stand out and do things differently, this bridal lehenga is just made for you. Manish Malhotra once presented his Gloss collection at Lakme Fashion week. The theme had all the deep hues like purple, burgundy, grey, brown and wine. These unusual colours and Gothics inspired outfits caught our attention for good.

One of the lehengas worn by none other than very beautiful Kareena Kapoor made heads turn. The very subtle tie & dye silk lehenga with long anarkali top is what we call a lehenga with a twist. The top has all the sequins and blingy adornments to give it a formal look. Not to forget the wide-bordered dupatta with thread work that completes the lehenga. So, if you want something which is both classy and chic, you now know what to pick.

Emerald Lehenga
Since emerald green colour is considered auspicious for the Muslim brides, Manish Malhotra has come up with the perfect bridal wear here. This emerald green lehenga with the pink border and heavy embroidery work is one of the Manish’s best creations.

The lehenga has all the required elements to make it an ideal wear for a Muslim bride. Deep green colour, long anarkali top with sheer fabric, quarter sleeves and sequined net dupatta makes this lehenga drool worthy.

One for the Peachy Bride
Bridal wear is usually restricted to colours like red, maroon and pink which is quite cliched. To break the monotony, the talented couturier Manish Malhotra loves to play with colours. The designer brought forward a mirror work peach lehenga in his Gloss collection.

What makes this lehenga so special is its colour and understated sequin and mirror work. Its simple grey raw silk blouse and net dupatta added the required grace. This lehenga screams simplicity and sophistication at the same time.

Lehenga from the Streets of Lucknow
Lucknow is famous for its chikankari embroidery. Taking cue from this age-old traditional embroidery work, the designer created a gorgeous mint green chikankari lehenga with pink border. This particular lehenga is sheer elegance with olive green silk blouse and net dupatta. The entire lehenga is adorned with chikankari handwork to give it a feel and originality of Lucknow.

Creme and Pink makes a Deadly Combo
Manish Malhotra’s crème and pink lehenga with gold sequins all over and jaal style embroidery border is a treat to eyes. This nude shade lehenga with intricate embroidery is to die for. What makes it even more special is its neon pink contrast with gold which makes it class apart. The resham blouse and off white embroidered dupatta is the soul of this pretty lehenga.

Red Silk Jacket Lehenga
Red colour is quintessential for an Indian bride. Be it the complete red bridal attire or just a hint of red, it has to be present in a bride’s dress. Keeping this fact in mind, Manish Malhotra came out with another out of the world red lehenga.

This lehenga has signature Manish Malhotra feel to it. The skirt is off-white in colour with gota patti border. It is kept simple in order to gel it well with the heavy embroidered red raw silk long top. This high neck and 3/4th sleeve long jacket style top speaks volume about the beauty of this perfect ensemble.

Another Red from Manish Malhotra's Collection
There is no denying the fact that the way Manish Malhotra makes red look really hot, no one else can do. The best example to validate this statement is this red net lehenga with silver nakashi embroidery and Kashmiri tilla work.

The embroidery is done just at the hemline area and rest of the skirt is kept plain. Talking about the blouse, it has all over chikankari work along with the simple dupatta to make it look ravishing. This lehenga is perfect for a bride who thinks you need not be over the top to look beautiful on your wedding day.

Though Manish Malhotra’s every single garment is special in itself but above mentioned are our favourite from this talented designer’s kitty. Hope you agree with us and take inspiration from these gorgeous lehengas for your wedding day!

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